How To Implement Superheroes & Learning With Soft Play Big Blocks

For multiple generations, children have been naturally drawn to the world of superheroes, often emulating and role-playing as their favorite ones. If you have a child who loves the world of superheroes, then you can implement educational play into daily activities with the use of childrens big building blocks.

The soft blocks have a foam design so they are safe for use and allow a child to emulate the strength of a hero while building an educational foundation.

Superhero Hideouts

One of the easiest activities to do with soft play big blocks is building. Building with the blocks come with many benefits. Physically, a child will build on their core motor skills, including fine motor skills with hand skills. A child will also learn how to properly balance and organize the soft play blocks. Mentally, a child will focus, troubleshoot, and plan different designs.

When role-playing as superheroes, the blocks can be used to create a unique superhero hideout. The hideout is a place to make superhero missions, put on capes, and plan out fun activities. If you have enough blocks, you can also create bad guy hideouts.

As a child builds a different hideout each time, they will create unique designs and only grow in the way they build and create.

Color Activities

As you play superhero games, you can implement different colors for learning. For example, if the child pretends to be Superman, then you can have them remove all of the green blocks from the collection to represent Kryptonite.

You can also set up a bunch of towers with different color themes. As you teach the child the colors, you can direct them to attack and knock down a tower. For example, you can direct a child to go knock down the yellow bad guy tower. They child will love using their strength on the foam blocks while learning colors at the same time.


The foam blocks also introduce a great way to implement counting for children. For example, you can have a child collect ten blocks. Each block can include a special super power for the child to collect. You could also set up different towers or areas and have a child find out where the bad guy is hiding.

For example, you could say "The villain is hiding in the tower with six blocks". The child will then count and figure out which tower has six blocks on it.

The more you play with the foam blocks, the more ways you will discover how to implement different superhero games and activities.