Making A Dollhouse Light Up Like Magic: What You Will Need

Dollhouses are magical places to little girls. Everything is miniature and capable of a lot of imaginative play. If you build a dollhouse from scratch, you can go as real or as imaginary as you want. One example is adding actual working lights to the dollhouse. You might wonder how this is possible, given that you cannot plug a dollhouse into the wall or install a dollhouse around a full-sized outlet in your own home. Here are the supplies you will need and how each works to light up a dollhouse:

Electrical Conductivity Tape

This is a tape that can be cut to fit almost any space and used in any hobby project. When you pull the tape away from the protective plastic side, it reveals two strips of copper-backed flattened metal foil. This has to run from the junction splice (a tiny white power box for dollhouses) to all of the places in the dollhouse where you want to install lights. A single, low voltage roll that is no wider than an inch is sufficient.

A Small Lamp Tester

Small lamp testers are the perfect size for this project. It has the two end pins that can be set on top of the electrical conductivity tape's two copper strands to see if the tape is conducting power. Normally, it would be used to check the wires in a full-sized lamp that needs repair, but here it doubles as a power tester for the presence of electricity in your dollhouse.

Teeny, Tiny Brass Brads

Teeny, tiny brass brads help you cross-connect electrical junctions in the dollhouse so that you can get adequate power to the dollhouse outlets and lights in the ceilings. Brass also conducts electricity, so these brads are doing double duty too. Make sure the power pack to the dollhouse is turned off, even though the tiny shock you would get is no more hurtful than shock from static electricity. The real problem would be overloading the tape and power pack, thereby blowing it and making it non-functional.

Other Electrical Supplies You May Need

While they are not necessary, you may want a small gauge wire splicer and/or thin wire to make connections. Sometimes you might need to extend wires for the dollhouse lights an inch or two, and the splicers and additional wire can help. If you have an excellent electrical layout design for the dollhouse already, these supplies may not be needed.

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